Great Tips on Packing For A Move

Moving Across Town or Across The Country.

Here are some tips, courtesy of Advanced Storage Solutions,  that will help you get through a move with your sanity and your possessions intact. Packing smart will save you time and money. These tips will help get you organized and on your way.


  • Pack one room at a time and start with things that you use the least.           


  • Jot down an inventory list of everything you are packing into each box.  Try and be careful to write down the type articles … such as books, compact disks and the type of clothing or other valuables in each box.


  • Assign a number to each box and make a master list of the things in each box. Make sure you make a notation of the packing box number on the outside of each box.


  • Use heavy duty boxes when packing for a move.  Try and fill each box to the brim and seal the lid. This way, you won’t have boxes caving in and you can easily stack boxes one on top of each other.


  • Use heavy, clear packing tape and make sure you reinforce the bottom of each box by taping each seam fully on the bottom, so that it doesn’t give way.


  • Don’t ever fill a box so heavily that you can’t pick it up safely. Make sure you spread the heavy things over several boxes. Fill the rest of each box with lighter items like sheets, towels or pillows.


  • It’s effective to use bubble wrap on fragile items. Also, stop by and ask your local newspaper if you can purchase roll ends of unprinted newspaper. When printing your daily paper, the printers change out rolls before they run out and are happy to get rid of the unused roll ends. After a paper has been printed, it’s messy and will smudge your items.


  • When appropriate, boxes should be marked “Fragile” and “This side up” with a heavy magic marker to prevent damage.


  • Again, label each box on several sides and the top.  That way you can see what’s in it and what room it goes in, from any angle in the moving truck or your vantage point in a storage unit.


  • Be sure and pack enough clothes and other essentials that you may need for a day or several days during the move. Remember, you may not have a washer and dryer right away, so over pack your suitcases.


  • Remember, you’re moving into an empty house so include toilet paper, some bottled water, snacks, food and a few changes of clothing. This helps with your blood pressure and makes your move go much smoother.


Moving can be stressful on a family, so try to give each other a little slack during this time. Don’t let the little things get you down. When the move is all over and you’re unpacked, give each other a little pat on the back. You made it through a potentially rough time!


Advanced Storage Solutions, located in Hamilton, Montana, is a state of the art, four acre self storage unit complex is built for security. We know how important your family possessions are to you.  You’ll appreciate our secure perimeter fencing,  lighting and state of the art electronic gate.  Our individual self  storage units come in several different sizes, depending on availability. Contact us at (406) 363-3797 for available space.


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