7 Moving Tips to Help Make it Easy On Your Children.

At Advanced Storage Units of  Hamilton Montana, we see a lot of families moving. Here are some observations we’ve picked up over the years. When you start getting ready for a move, involve your children as early as possible. You’d be surprised how much difference good communication will make with your kids attitude about moving to a strange new place.

Don’t Keep Your Moving Trip a Secret

1. Don’t keep your move a secret from the kids. Start by talking to them, early on, about the move.  Ask them how they feel about it.  If they’re apprehensive, be sure to validate their feelings. Ask for their help and cooperation. Try to get them excited about their space in your next home and what they’d like to do personalize it.

Don’t Let The Kids Tune Into Your Own Stress

2. If you have mixed emotions, try not to let them show. Children have an uncanny knack for picking up on your feelings of stress. Let them know that things will be kind of “up in the air” for a while, and reassure them that it’s just a temporary situation and their routines will return to normal after the move. If you’re moving your belongings into a storage unit, this becomes even more critical.

Enlist Their Help Marking The Moving Boxes

3. Encourage your kids to participate in tasks prior to “the big day”. That might involve helping put moving boxes together, asking them which boxes they’d like to use for their cherished possessions and helping mark boxes.  You might even play a game called “name that box” and get their ideas on labeling their boxes, prior to their stay in a storage unit.

Get Some Ideas On Moving Day Meals

4. Talk to them about what they’d like to eat on moving day and explain that meals might be “on the fly”, but you will make everyone’s favorite meal, once you’re unpacked in their new home.

Get Them Involved In Planning Their New Rooms

5. Try to get them involved in how they’d like to decorate their rooms. Suggest some things like posters or pictures from their old room. If appropriate, let them have some input into colors to paint their new rooms.

Let The Kids Pick Out Their Moving Clothes and Toys

6. Put together a backpack or little suitcase for moving day and let them pick out a favorite stuffed animal or toy to pack in with the outfit they’ll wear on their first day in their new home.

Unpack Their Rooms As Early As Possible

7. Once you get unloaded or retrieve your boxes from storage, get the beds set up and some kitchen supplies unpacked. Then, consider unpacking their rooms first.  The familiar clothes, books and toys should help them to acclimate to their new surroundings.

We hope these tips from our staff at Advanced Storage Units will help you. These are some simple activities that might help take some of the mystery out of packing for a move to strange new surroundings.


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